Founded in 1986, Namib Diesel established its first engine rebuild center in the coastal town of Walvis Bay.

Today, this facility is a renowned engine rebuild center, supporting clients all over Africa. Our rebuild center boasts a detailed in-house machine shop, technologically advanced engine testing facility, a newly installed turbocharger rotor shaft balancing machine and a portable load cell.

As we approach 40 years of excellence in the marine and industrial sector, we continue to position our growing team of highly skilled professionals throughout the African continent, as we strive to extend our presence as industry leaders in Africa.

Our Company History

Confident in our expertise, we offer a total service solution including technical support, repair solutions, preventive maintenance, spare parts, exchange programs, as well as an entire range of aftersales features for marine and stationary units. Through our extensive experience with industrial diesel engines, we have also diversified our product offerings to power generation and allied industrial solutions.


Why we do what
we do…

Our Mission

To provide Robust, Flexible and Successfully Integrated Solutions for our customers …

At Namib Diesel we strive for Excellence. Through the perfect balance of industry expertise, professionalism, and passion, we take the necessary steps to ensure that all our products and repairs maintain the highest levels of workmanship. Our Work, is Our Passion and Our Brand, is Our Pride. Join us as we continue our journey to reach our customers across the African continent.

What do we plan to achieve?

Our Vision

As our world continues to evolve, applications will continue to change. We aim to continue our drive to diversify into related industries and markets, champion change and remain an industry leader providing sustainable solutions for our clients.

We will continue to do the work that matters – helping our customers to build, improve operations, maintain uptime and drive efficiency in the full value chain of our active industries.

Our Leadership

Frank Borruso – Group Managing Director

As the leader of the Namib Diesel Group, it is my responsibility to continue to drive service levels above industry norms and pursue the development of our employees, capabilities, and new business initiatives.

Moving forward in a constantly changing and challenging global economic environment, we aim to ensure on-going improvement of our products and services by pursuing best strategic management initiatives, investment in our technical skills and expansion of our footprint on the African continent.

As we approach 40 years of industry excellence … We look forward to reinforcing our strength in our active segments and sectors so that our future is prosperous and sustainable

…. We are Namib Diesel and We will continue to do the work that matters!

Our Partners

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